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The System is Broken

"Go to school, get a good job, and live the American dream." Those words are irrelevant to most people in the world today. I'm Possible™ has a solution!

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I’m Possible™, an empowerment company, is a subsidiary of Infinite Enterprises, LLC based out of Las Vegas, Nevada. Our goal is to help individuals of all ages to identify, develop, and capitalize on their innate gift to society. We refer to this gift as a super power, and believe that every person has one. What is yours?

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May 31, 2013

Everyday Hero Blog     madeline     No Comments

08-True Genius: Modern Day Iron Men and Women

Greetings Supers! Please forgive the delay in releasing this post, and thanks for your patience! Movie producers have been working hard to prepare late spring and summer action-packed releases for us to enjoy. G.I. Joe:...

May 28, 2013

Life Makeover Tips     madeline     No Comments

12-LMM: Work Your Plan

It’s a Terrific Tuesday here at I’m Possible. Today is the final step of the Life Makeover series. It all started with a motivated Facebook post. Who knew that 13 weeks later we would have...

May 22, 2013

Life Makeover Tips     madeline     No Comments

11-LMM: Chronicle the Journey

It’s a Wonderful Wednesday. This post is two days late, and I apologize for the delay. Moving on, at this point in your Life Makeover journey you should be well on your way. Through these...

May 13, 2013

Life Makeover Tips     madeline     No Comments

10-LMM: Hit the Road

Happy Monday Life Makeover Journeyers! The weekend is over and it’s time to jump into another wonderful week of good choices that build a great life. We have been making some serious headway with our...

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